gene simmons

While swarms of “I must be first” technology fiends waited in lines on Friday morning for Apple’s new iPhone 3G, my boyfriend and I were on our way to wait in an entirely different line, driven by another “G” altogether: Gene Simmons. Not many things will get my boyfriend up before 11am, but Gene Simmons had him snoozing his alarm at 9:30 and waiting in line for almost 3 hours. And I’ll admit, it was really fun, and like most really memorable moments, the whole event went by in seconds and in retrospect seem like a big blur.

What I remember is this. My boyfriend, after a few hours of preparation, used his Hebrew name, Chaim to relate to Gene. “Both of us are Chaims,” he said. I chuckled, thinking I’ve never seen him for a lack of words. Who knew Gene Simmons was born a Chaim. It’s quite appropriate, though. It means life — and this man clearly loves life.

My interaction was quick. He hugged tightly and told me I was very pretty. How nice. Then he said “Too bad I’m gay. Well I’m a lesbian actually.”

So there you go. Gene Simmons. A good time was had by all.

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