Central Park – Featuring Flowers, A Raccoon and David Blaine

I went for an early autumn walk in Central Park and inhaled in all of New York’s splendor.

Across the Reservoir in Central Park.

Flowers behind the fence.

A closer look.

The Great Lawn. Duh.

My favorite lounging place – near Belvedere Castle.

Turtle Pond with a sea of floating moss.

Raccoon in Central Park. I kept my distance (that’s why the photo is blurry).

David Blaine’s shenanigans, I mean, posters.

David Blaine scene at Wollman Rink.

When I first saw him, he did in fact remain upright for quite a while. To drink, to pee, to get his blood pressure measured, to wave to fans.

Then the wires took him on a round and round spinny ride above the crowd – just to bring him back down to sign autographs.

Signing a poster. This is how I saw him for the majority of the time.

And then he would crunch up and do stretches and the big dude would come and push the back of his head. I guess this made sure he wouldn’t go blind or whatever.

Lots of dudes like this. I didn’t want to wait in line to get a photo with him; this one did just fine.

His logo is the best part.

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