Truthfully it was Antonio Banderas’ new commercial that got this song stuck in my head. The Pussycat Dolls have a much hipper version.
Michael Buble has a more traditional version. Both have parked their way into my ‘I can’t get it out of my head’ slot.

Sway” is the English version of “¿Quién será?“, a 1953 mambo song by Mexican composer and bandleader Pablo Beltrán Ruiz. In 1954 the English lyrics were written by Norman Gimbel and recorded by Dean Martin (his recording reached number fifteen on the Billboard magazine best-seller chart. Since then the song has been recorded and remixed by many artists. The English version begins: “When marimba rhythms start to play, dance with me, make me sway”. Mexican version begins: “Quien será el que me quiere a mi? Quien será?, quien será?”.

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