“I Ghosted a Friendship” Club

My best friend ghosted our friendship and our life is one of the unsettled rocks I carry in my heart. How can someone who was so close to me for so long just up and vanish?  But I’ve done it too. Not as dramatically, but it’s easier to be the one doing the breaking up than the one getting broken up with. The friend I ghosted … Continue reading “I Ghosted a Friendship” Club

“My Best Friend Ghosted our Friendship” Club

In my life, I’ve only had two people really close to me die: my grandfather two years ago and my aunt last week, but I mourn the loss of three. The third one is my best friend from high school and college. She ghosted our friendship and I can confirm it is easier to be the ghost than the ghosted. I’ve done both. My best … Continue reading “My Best Friend Ghosted our Friendship” Club