“I Love Making My Cats Purr” Club

I like to make my cats purr. Of course, I enjoying giving them pleasure but today as I had my morning petting session with one of my fur babies, I realized I’m doing this absolutely selfishly. I want the purr. I want to experience the soft vibrations and listen to the familiar comforting humm, which instantly works as a metronome for my relaxation. My breathing … Continue reading “I Love Making My Cats Purr” Club

“I’m a Cat Lady” Club

In America, many things can use a serious rebranding. A few notables: marriage, step parents, and my favorite, cat ladies! Exhibit one: Beth Stern. Exhibit two: Taylor Swift. Exhibit three: More hot famous ladies with their felines. I only fell in love with cats two years ago, which means I missed out for 39 years. Two years ago, my two kids and I decided we … Continue reading “I’m a Cat Lady” Club

5 Problems Only People with Multiple Cats Will Understand

You’ll never know who had diarrhea in the litter box. You never know who shat out a red string. Or a gold thread. Or a rubber band (or two). You don’t know who left the surprise pile of puke in the kitchen. Or the hallway. Or in the precise place you step when you get out of bed in the morning You’re not sure who … Continue reading 5 Problems Only People with Multiple Cats Will Understand