“I’m Never Going Back to a Corporate Job” Club

Spring in New York City is a unique descriptor which means everything to the native city dweller. Walking through the streets of the greatest city in the world in 74-degree weather, the sun warming my newly exposed shoulders, I am dancing with every cloud. New York City is a high-fashion supermodel in every season, but with the blossoming pots of baby blue hydrangeas decorating even … Continue reading “I’m Never Going Back to a Corporate Job” Club

“Becoming CEO of Me” Club

The first day of work often feels like the first day of school, and often just as memorable. My first job after college was as an Account Executive at an advertising agency. On my first day, I was  paraded around the office with introductions, row by row in the maze of cubicles. I gave my name at least twice to everyone and shook their hand … Continue reading “Becoming CEO of Me” Club

“I Used To Have a Corporate Job” Club

(No, I will not blame spring fever for choosing to write another 100-word story for today, although it is a real affliction and this is a very poignant and true story!) I worked for an advertising agency in the city where I had a windowed office overlooking 42nd Street. The news station, WPIX occupied the top floor and I rendezvoused with Mr. G, the Weatherman, … Continue reading “I Used To Have a Corporate Job” Club