“I Was Obsessed with My Childhood Dentist” Club

As my tooth broke minutes before my son’s debut on stage, I froze in anticipation of the pain which I expected to come shooting through my jaw. Only no ache evolved because of my good fortune that the dental deities were on my side and the piece I chipped off turned out to be a cusp of my top wisdom tooth. My step-mom, who has … Continue reading “I Was Obsessed with My Childhood Dentist” Club

“Anti-Murphy’s Law” Club

There should be a term which describes the following phenomenon: your car has been making worrisome noises intermittently, and when you get frustrated enough to bring it to the mechanic, it miraculously ceases making any suspicious sounds. You rev the car, you drive it around the block, you take it on the highway, you hit the brakes super hard, and still no noise. Is there … Continue reading “Anti-Murphy’s Law” Club