i pigged out

While I walk right by a sample sale without the slightest consideration, a roll back the prices to 1908 sale on smoked fish had me RSVPing Absolutely! And now – I’m immortalized in the anals of the New York Post as a pig. Will this town not rest until we are all anorexic?

And there are inaccuracies in “our” quote that I will clear up. Here is the quote, as published, in its entirety:

“I’m moving to 1908,” said Galina Nemirovsky, who pigged out with Andrew Hammer for 8 bucks – less than the price of a pack of smokes.”

Actually Andrew said the quote not me. And our bill was only $5.05. Below is what we really had and what it costs present day (sale price is in parentheses).

• Whitefish salad appetizer – $12.00 ($1.25)
• Sturgeon and Nova Scotia Salmon Sandwich – $18.75 ($1.90)
• Hot Pastrami Sandwich – $9.50 ($0.75)
• Coffee – $2.25 ($0.15)
• Dr. Brown’s Soda – $2.50 ($0.20)

Total cost present day: $45.00
Our cost on anniversary day: $5.05

Click here to read the article.

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