tongue twisters & nail clippers

Last night as I was cutting Jake’s nails after his shower he told me that I had the same exact nail clipper as his dad (they all look the same to me, but hey…). He wanted to know where I got what must be the “it” nail clipper to have. I told him, some drug store – why did it matter.

Really concerned, he said, he wanted to know where so he would be prepared for when he had a child. (“I want a boy,” he told me, confident that just by asking it would be so). I asked him when he planned on doing having a child. So he thought about it for a while. Like he would have thought if I said do you want peanut butter and jelly for lunch or pizza. Then he said, “29. Is that good?” So I said “yeah, that’s good. That gives you 23 years to find a nail clipper. I think you’re in good shape.”

So then he had me work on some tongue twisters. Try these:

• toy boat
• unique New York
• red leather, yellow leather

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