Intelligence Compatiblity

Overheard in Central Park

A couple, clearly very connected – physically, emotionally, intellectually are very involved in a conversation about some movie.

HE: Above all else – the reason I think we’re so compatible is that you’re my intellectual equal.

SHE: Yes, I agree. I mean you know stuff I don’t know and vice versa. We fill in each other’s gaps.

HE: So this movie wouldn’t end … and I didn’t know if I could make it to the end.

SHE: How long was it?

HE: Well the movie wrapper said 120 minutes but I was confused because I clocked it at a solid 2 hours.

SHE: What? That is 2 hours.

HE: It is?

SHE: (Cracking up) Yes … um … so what was that about the intelligence compatibility? What does that say about me?

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