How Did I Get There?

Once you embark upon the Blogosphere you make sure you’re findable. And people find you. Somehow the piece I wrote about being a Russian immigrant ended up on a Piercing Blog. The only thing I can think of is that I mention getting my ears pierced 31 years ago.

I guess that qualifies. Who doesn’t want extra exposure?!


One thought on “How Did I Get There?

  1. Your post about the “Russian to American” transformation explains what goes on in my cousin’s family:She came here in 1979 at age 14; she speaks very good English with accent and speaks Russian with her parents and spouse. Her oldest daughter speaks Russian with me and her Grandparents, and English everywhere else. Her younger sister knows some Russian but she does not like to speak it.I came to the US 17 years ago; I like to speak only Russian at home and English [with distinct accent] everywhere else. When I used to live in Western Ukraine from 1977 to 1989 I quickly learned their language dialect, and spoke Russian only with my family members—I studied in Russian school by the way.Do you speak Yiddish by any chance ?

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