Hold Onto Your Dreams

Kabbalah is a discipline and school of thought discussing the mystical aspect of Judaism. It is a set of esoteric teachings meant to define the inner meaning of both the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and traditional Rabbinic literature, as well as to explain the significance of Jewish religious observances.

While I am not a devoted follower, I do subscribe to certain elements of kabbalism. I also believe in the evil eye and yes I have been wearing a red bracelet for years. I’m not sure if it works but I get nervous when I don’t have it.

I get this Daily Kabbalah Tune Up and it is often more introspective and inspirational than a horoscope. I thought today’s was especially poignant. For me – and anyone.

Dreams are vitally important to our existence. They’re not just fantasies that are meant to entertain us as we live out our days monotonously. Rather they’re our greatest potential whispering to us and motivating us to reveal that potential in the world.

Unfortunately, most of us abandon our dreams in childhood. Settling for what we think life is supposed to be, rather than what we dream it can be. We lose the enthusiasm and motivation for our greatest goals, and stop even daring ourselves to think of such things.

Today, remember this: everything starts with a thought. Allow yourself to cook up the infinite ways in which you can be happy and successful. Fantasize with the intent of activating these deep desires and allow these universal forces inside you to unfold.

One thought on “Hold Onto Your Dreams

  1. fantasy, such as whether the mind? whether the intention, and can connect with the hearts of the time difference, physical body, where? How menjebatani birth to death? without life?

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