Floating Through the Blogosphere

Blogging is like the modern day lemonade stand. Low cost start up, lots of competition, location and marketing is everything.

I started my blog because I wanted to write. Correction. I couldn’t not write anymore — and I needed a place to throw it all up. So 12 years after college I started over.

But I’ve learned that while I originally wanted my blog to serve as an online writing portfolio, blogging is so much more. In fact, a good blogger is not necessarily a good writer (see PerezHilton.com). I tried to pick a priority. First I tried blogging. I liked it. I unleashed heartseverywhere everywhere. Then I realized I wasn’t writing anymore. I was cross-posting and reading other blogs. I hadn’t even began the commenting bit.

You have to comment on other people’s sites to get recognition, cross-link, be all over the place. Drop your thread onto as many sites as possible. Increase your visibility. Get more keywords. Track the keywords. More comments. More links. More keywords.

So I switched the focus to writing. But then I was putting up writing that no one was seeing. Shit. The dilemma.

So now I’m trying to do both.

Never before has marketing been so free. It’s all I could have dreamed of. To grow my business, I merely needed to mouth off all over the place. I had to give my two cents to anyone and everyone because everyone wants comments. Give them and get them. It’s a comments orgy all over the Blogosphere.

It’s Blogerific! People who didn’t before, now have a community – like an online sorority. The blog could be a friend, a social crutch, freedom from insanity. It’s public therapy, an open journal, an open photo album, your podium to the world.

I thought it might be interesting to start a blog for the very purpose of seeing how big I could make it; pick a topic even if it’s not of interest me and promote the shit out of it. Like a social experiment – just because (I didn’t have a job). Comment on anywhere and everywhere that relates to that topic. Blog like it’s my JOB. Sell my soul to the Web demons.

Or I guess I could stick to being me. Out of the billions on the Internet, isn’t there a group that will like me for my boring, weird, funny, ironic, sarcastic, better you than me kind of way?

3 thoughts on “Floating Through the Blogosphere

  1. I started my on-line activity as ‘consultant’ for Toyota Nation forum. It was interesting because in the past I used to be a car repair technician, and my comments and techincal answers were welcomed by many forum mebers because they were free and given based upon my own experience and education [I have BS in process engineering].I am actually playing a role of online automotive technology instructor using same nick name as was used to call my favorite professor in CSULB.

  2. If you find that place, for chicks like us, who want to write, who are intelligent enough to know the reality of this blog bizz, let me know. You go, I’ll follow. Isn’t that the bloggy mantra. Ha! I’m so the anti-blogger, but do really delight when I find cool bloggers with something of value to say. Glad to have met you.

  3. If I don’t find that place, I will create it … if only for me 🙂 But something tells me – where there is one or two of us, there are many. I’d love to buy the women of the world like us a coke … and live in perfect harmony…

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