Photojournalistic Lunchtime Sprawls

It was a freezing week, but I still made it out most days during lunch for my photos. On the snow day, I couldn’t pass up the fire truck. (You know I’m a sucker for the FDNY.) Yes that White Castle is my next door neighbor at work.

FDNY’s Engine 26 meets Batman on 37th Street. The Result = The Batcave.

Further down 37th Street I discovered a plethora of button shops. Most awesome was that they made button mosaics in their windows.

No buttons, but pretty feathers.

One avenue over on 7th, lives “The Button” – the one that iconically defines the Fashion District.

At a local bar called Concrete — $3 happy hour drinks. The mathematically-challenged waitress only charged us for 4 drinks and not 6. Score.

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