“I Don’t Like to Be in Front of the Camera” Club

I was born in the Soviet Union in the mid-70s, which in photography standards was equal to 1950s America. My father, my first photography inspiration, snapped all of my childhood photos on black and white film and developed them in the tiny bathroom of our one-bedroom apartment in Kiev. I was the muse and subject of his never pursued, dormant love of photography. In those … Continue reading “I Don’t Like to Be in Front of the Camera” Club

“I’m Drowning in Digital Photos” Club

I was drowning in digital photographs long BEFORE I got an iPhone, but now I’m buried in them. They exist on my computer, on my phone, on portable hard drives (yes plural), on the Time Capsule, and now, of course, ON THE CLOUD (wherever the fuck that is). Now when I stare at clouds, waiting for them to morph into unicorns and amorphous hearts, I … Continue reading “I’m Drowning in Digital Photos” Club

Snow Day Photo Shoot, Hold the Snow

While the rest of the country was shoveling or digging, we were quite warm on our cozy rug. We did an impromptu mini photo shoot to commemorate the happy moment. Then we made a photobook on Shutterfly. Voila. (You don’t need to be a member of Shutterfly to view this; you can just click View photo book on the bottom left.) http://images-community.shutterfly.com/flashapps/flashslideshowphotobook/slideshow_pb.swf Click here to … Continue reading Snow Day Photo Shoot, Hold the Snow

The Last Blizzard of 2010: The Wall Street Perspective

The last blizzard of 2010. New York Stock Exchange on Broad Street. NYC. Jake in the snow in front of our building. Stomping through the evenly plowed masses of snow near the stock exchange; Wall Street kept the streets clear for business. In front of the New York Stock Exchange with the Christmas Tree. Pretty crazy that this is our neighborhood. Jake is playing dead … Continue reading The Last Blizzard of 2010: The Wall Street Perspective

Snapshots in Sepia

I’ve always loved capturing images in sepia. It’s nostalgic, classic – almost like a little black dress. Whenever my pictures don’t seem to convey what I’m truly seeing with my eye, I switch to sepia and it transports it to a peaceful interpretation. Central Park, NYC Same Bench – Central Park, NYC Flower in Central Park, NYC Belvedere Castle, Central Park, NYC Central Park, NYC … Continue reading Snapshots in Sepia

Me – Preggers McGreggers

From http://www.hammermania.com I haven’t posted anything in over 5 months. I’ve even written posts about not posting and haven’t posted them. I have plenty written – all in back posts but never posted. Here’s why. Step 1: I got knocked up. Step 2: I had over 6 months of gruesome, disgusting, debilitating nausea that lasted most of the day and had me barfing every day. … Continue reading Me – Preggers McGreggers

Inauguration from Times Square

What a day to start my Photojournalistic Lunchtime Sprawls! Here are some images from history in the making – once again – in New York’s Times Square. A flag, the world, Taxis, OBAMA. YES WE CAN! Heading Downtown. We have a new President! Signs of the Times Square. ABC News and Obama. A Cardboard Obama on Broadway. Obama Inspires Love. Obama and Sirens. Pride in … Continue reading Inauguration from Times Square