Paper Art Genius

I subscribe to Real Simple in part because I think it’s a good bathroom read, but mostly because I adore the paper art genius of Matthew Sporzynski. (I’d link to his page but this Go-to-Google-Gal could not find one devoted specifically to his brilliant creations. Matthew – if you read this, please create a Gallery!)

Incidentally I think Real Simple should have a gallery on their site as well since I’m certain it would draw a substantial new audience — artistic cooks, cleaners, organizers. Artists would love their New Uses For Old Things; they just need a different kind of hook.

Here is a post of Matthew’s creative mastery behind the scenes and here is just a sample of his awesomeness:

3 thoughts on “Paper Art Genius

  1. I used to subscribe to Real Simple and when I realized that for several months in a row, the only thing I did was tear out the pages with the paper art, was when I canceled my subscription. It was a lot of paper clutter to get to 5 pages in each issue.I have often thought about looking up the artist because I was sure there was a gallery! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one in love with his stuff.He needs a gallery. He needs a gallery. He neeeeds a gallery!

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