My New Job: Writing Dangerously

Mistake number one was telling anyone at my new job about my blog.

Good decision number one was making a rule that no one at my new job becomes my Facebook friend.

Social networking policies … we all have to create them for ourselves. Rules to live by in our fake little online worlds.

I wrote something that I thought came out awesome, but it’s about my new job. Some of it is harsh, some is funny, maybe it’s poignant. I was feeling it so I wrote it but then was advised not to release it into the world. Boo!

So the piece sits … somewhere on the Great World Wide Web I weave …

I hope one day I feel liberated to publish here. In the meantime, anyone who wants to read some of the reasons I tweet what I do … email me.

2 thoughts on “My New Job: Writing Dangerously

  1. I write my blog knowing that my family, friends, diet partners, husband, and old high school friends read my blog. I edit every word that I write to make sure I’d be fine reading it to my mother the next day. This is just how i decided to set it up.Facebook is nearly the same, but I’m leaning towards Family, HighSchool acquaintances (I’m in charge of the 25th reunion, so I’m friending everyone I can find from our school) but I will not friend anyone from my weightloss group. It’s sort of like my job and they already know a lot about me. Facebook is one place I don’t allow them to overlap.

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