A Decade After Columbine

Ten years ago Americans sat in disbelief, outrage and disgust around their TV sets as a high school in a town called Columbine was massacred – by two of their own. Dead were 12 students and a teacher; physically wounded were 23.

The nation witnessed the massive murder suicide, the fourth-deadliest in our country’s history (it was the third then, but since then we’ve had the Virginia Tech massacre). Colorado seemed as far as Japan; the heinous acts seemed outrageous. United, we were angry and scared; if the children are our future – where are we heading?

Ten years later I watch interviews with the survivors. Young adults who turned tragedy into triumph and opportunity. A reminder in the strength of humanity and the power of time as a healer.

(Read more about the 10th anniversary and see some great photos here.)

Columbine High School Memorial

An etching on the memorial …

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