Talent Fuels Dreams

I didn’t get hooked on the Sopranos until Season 3; same with Sex and the City. I didn’t catch onto Arrested Development until after all 3 seasons were old on DVD. But … for Susan Boyle, I am just under a month late.

Susan Boyle is not driven by money or fame. She is driven by the bubbling cauldron of passion inside her gut. She sings because it is in her core; she has to release it to remain sane.

What a genuine inspiration. People who have dreams inspire me daily.

A bit late with accolades – but Susan Boyle’s voice brought me to tears. Watch this moving video of Susan’s first appearance on Britain’s Got Talent:

(Right about the two-minute mark was when I got my first chills.)

Cheers to Susan and hoping things will change — and we can all achieve our dreams.

Please note that I am not only inspired by people whose last name is Boyle.

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