Life Advices

I made this list when I first created a MySpace page. I’ve since deleted the page, but a hunt through old files revealed this list. It’s random and incomplete (life fills it in …) but without further ado … here’s what I preach:

Life Advices by Me:

• Walk carefully in high heels.
• John Lennon said it best – life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.
• Choose your spouse carefully – it’s the most important decision of your life.
• Find a partner that:
o Makes you laugh more than anyone else. When things are at their worst, laughter is nature’s medicine.
o Find magic in this earth – it’s the closest thing to miracles.
• Learn to love yourself first. Without knowing what makes you happy, how can anyone else ever do it?
• If you don’t like it, change it.
• It’s OK to change your mind. Again and again and again.
• Believing in karma is as reassuring / satisfying as believing in religion.
• Feel the music.
• Don’t pass up the opportunity to see a sunrise. It’s nature reminder that each day brings with it new life – new awakening – new hope.
• If you want something, ask for it.
• Hear both sides of a story.
• It’s OK to judge others as long as you hold yourself up to the same standards.
• Everything – (OK, most things) – are OK in moderation.
• Doing what makes you happy shouldn’t make you GUILTY. If it is, ask yourself why – and change it. The guilt or the action that’s making you feel guilty.
• Trust your instincts.
• Don’t lie to yourself – until you’re TRUE to yourself and with what you want, you’ll never truly be able to get it.
• Successful people become truly successful because there is no bullshit standing in the way between what they want and the goal. When you truly discover what you want in life – in any situation – personal or professional – you’ll achieve it. It will be like tunnel vision – like a pitcher who sees the strike directly over the mound – every other distraction has to fade into the background leaving the goal clearly in sight.
• Think about how much time you spend each day listening to people talk about something you don’t give a shit about. Fix it.
• Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you – and don’t suck your energy because they’re jealous of you.
• Before getting irrationally angry, think about a person’s intentions.
• Don’t fear success … or failure.
• Don’t waste time worrying about the what if’s … the things you end up having to worry about are the ones you never would have imagined.

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