I’ve Been Busy … But I’m Back

So I’ve been busy the last two months.

I’ve moved – apartment, job, neighborhood … life rearranged, really. I have been the living epitome of TRANSITION and the last two months, instead of fostering my anxiety, stress, and worry into words on my blog … I didn’t.

So the blog has been lonely and my soul has been carrying a load heavier than it needed.

But alas a writer is a writer, and the words are always formulating into sentences, into stories, into emotions, into clarity, into sanity. I’M BACK.

The longer I stayed away from the blog, the more pressure I put on the Welcome-Back-Me post. I decided to let it go. The “What’s Been Up … I’ve Moved” (way-too lengthy) post is in fact coming … but first …

I found something I wrote a while ago that made me chuckle and decided it was perfect for the first post back. I apologize for its graphic nature, but anyone who knows me, will understand that I have zero qualms about discussing bathroom habits. In fact, I relish in it.

Consider yourself warned …

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