Me as the Crimson Dynamo


The last thing you’re feeling when you’re 35 weeks pregnant is sexy or cool. However, my good friend David, comic writer extraordinaire, made me feel a little better about myself late last year when he named a character after me in his latest Marvel comic, HULK: WINTER GUARD.

In this story, Crimson Dynamo, aka the Russian Iron Man, unveiled his mask to reveal that SHE is really Galina Nemirovsky. Oh – and she’s hot. (So thank you David for being inspired by my name and thank you Steve for drawing me.)

The Crimson Dynamo is an armor wore by many in the service of the Russian (formally USSR) government, some good, some evil. Galina Nemirovsky is the current wearer of the armor and is a member of the Winter Guard. Crimson Dynamo is often described as an Evil Version of Iron Man. He is a Russian man with a Suit of Armour similar to Iron Man’s.

Cool, right? A whole new slew of sites now come up when you google my name. Here’s one way I never thought I’d get on wikipedia.

So THANK YOU to David Gallaher for naming a cool character after me and special thanks to Steve Ellis for drawing me to look like I did when I dressed up as Wonder Woman. David and Steve are responsible for the award-winning comic, High Moon.

Scenes of me (well not really me) in the comics:

The cover of Hulk: Winter Guard from Marvel, January 2010

The members of The Winter Guard, a fictional team of Russian superheroes in the Marvel Comics universe.

2 thoughts on “Me as the Crimson Dynamo

  1. I actually met him in a bar a few months ago (he was with his girl friend) and we were talking and I told him where I worked.. and he said he knew someone who used to work there too and it turns out, that person was you. Small world huh? He told me about that comic books.. and your impending arrival!!

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