Taking the NaBloPoMo Pledge – One More Time

Two years ago in February 2009, I participated in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) where I made a blog post everyday. Since then, they send me monthly emails suggesting I try it again.  I did it successfully once before (although I was one child fewer last time around) – and have been tempted to try it again. I figured a non-leap-year February is a great place to start. Commitment and Me – do we have a temporary future together?

The irony of me versus the project doesn’t end there. When I went to read my NaBloPoMo posts from 2 years ago I stumbled upon one that declared it The Year of the Circle. (Two years later we are now in the self-declared Year of the Family.)

My goal was to simplify my life.

A few months after I wrote that post, life would get a bit more complicated. I moved two separate times, had a bed bug infestation, had an over-breeding rat problem above the drop ceiling – and oh yeah, I got pregnant. Only then did the fun of throwing up – every day for 7 months- begin.

It wasn’t simpler – but it was life.
The other day I was thinking about my favorite phrase, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” I considered practical examples of how it applied to my life and scenarios popped up any year I mentally explored.

Well, it felt very much like a “year of the circle” moment when I read my last NaBloPoMo post about how my plan was to simplify life – and life, well, had other plans. Touché.

Here’s to taking the NaBloPoMo pledge one more time.

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