I Will Remember this January

I will remember this January as the one with all the snowstorms that didn’t really affect me much. (I had to drive in it once – but somehow didn’t mind; I grabbed my camera and got some good photos on the way.) I felt terrible for the rest of the country, but got annoyed at all the Facebook weather updates and the photos of the snow, although some were quite amazing. I felt terribly for both my parents who had to keep digging themselves out. My mother with her damaged knee and wrist and my father with his gout-ridden foot.

Jake had 4 snow days, (5th snow day February 2nd) but we probably treated at least 24 days the same way. On a Thursday afternoon in the last week of January I set out to make the best blueberry muffins of my life – and I did.

It was the January where the genius of Fresh Direct and Diapers.com brought all my groceries and diapers to my door.

I will remember this January as one we hibernated a lot and worked on our “project” [READ: BABY]. We had an impromptu 8-person dinner party where Bryan drank too much cheap Tequila and broke my stainless steel garbage can. This was also the party where we talked about hippies a lot, Mexican and other kinds.

This was the January where we threw a very successful surprise party for my sister, who turned 30 on 1/11/11. The party brought both sides of my divorced family together for the first time in a decade.

Love was in the air this January – and not just for me. Wink, wink – you know who you are – both of you.

I will remember this January as the one where we had the 6-hour date night, celebrating 3 men’s birthdays at 3 separate Manhattan locations. I made careful psychological observations and conclusions about all three men, but wrote down none of them.

I will remember this January as the one where we at a lot of bagels and eggs with tofu bacon for breakfast. Where I broke my tooth on a tortilla chip and then waited almost a month to get it fixed. During this broken tooth phase, I learned to be less vain (it’s about time). A new sheet of confidence draped over my shoulders and I was able to stand up taller, somehow more comfortable in my skin.

I will remember this January as the month where I learned to look at photos of myself differently – because of the way I look at pictures of my daughter.

Mostly I will remember this January as being one those cold months when Kenzie was a baby, Jake was a big boy, we were young and in love – and enjoying every ounce of watching life unfold.

2 thoughts on “I Will Remember this January

  1. On the blog or me? Ha ha! I was automatically having them streamed to FB and people ended up reading most of the time on FB Notes – and that's ugly! Anyway glad you read 🙂 Love your new look too!

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