Bringing Back the Hearts

The blog is called Hearts Everywhere but it had been a while since I had posted anything heart-related. I was having a crisis of blog identity; I wondered if my blog title no longer fit my blog. As a band-aid for my doubt/guilt, my boyfriend suggested I take one day a week and post something heart-related. (If you want to read why I started my heart obsession, read about it here.)

I love love. I love romance. I love happily ever after.

And Hearts … they kind of found me. Especially in a time when my life was a bit clouded, naturally-occuring hearts seemed seemed to light my path anywhere I looked.

These geometric symbols of love revealed themselves wherever I looked. They were life’s reminders of love and beauty. It kind of saw it like a Heart is to Love as a Cross is to Jesus. If you love being a good Christian, you wear a cross; if you love love, you doodle hearts. Or see them – Everywhere.

I sneered at the boyfriend’s suggestion. My blog had evolved as a forum for my rants and a digital scrapbook of my life. The hearts were good background but I wasn’t sure if they were strong enough to play a lead role. Had I become better than my hearts?

I thought I’d wait for a sign.

But I couldn’t just look for obvious hearts; this was early February and with Valentine’s Day hearts abound. I live next door to a Tiffany’s and this is their current campaign:

I pass this almost every day – but still, not a sign enough.

Then I got an email from someone asking me to review and write a post about this book. (They found me!)

In the trifecta of heart signs … earlier this evening the baby girl was finishing her mushy dinner and daddy invited me to come look at her shirt. A stain in the shape of a heart.

A sign that made me stop – take a photo – and blog about.

Today, take a moment to stop, look around, and the find the love (hearts) around you.

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