“I Don’t Selfie Stick” Club

Rushing through Times Square a few weeks ago, a promotional van for Zoolander 2 caught my eye. They were taking photos and printing them onto froth foam, creating headshot-worthy lattes and as if free java with your face on it isn’t enough, they gave me a bonus selfie stick! I have made fun of the ridiculous looking tool ever since they invaded my Wall Street … Continue reading “I Don’t Selfie Stick” Club

“I Love Love” Club

I love the idea of love. I love being in love. I love writing and reading about love. Who doesn’t want to float on a cloud of oxytocin? Love is hip, decorated in heart emojis and rainbow flags, especially in light of a tragedy. Love heals, love distracts, love prevails, except for those who bury a piece of their heart 6 feet under with their … Continue reading “I Love Love” Club

“I Doodle” Club

I fidget – a lot! My husband doesn’t understand us fidgeters, even though he is his own breed of fidgeter. He gave his condition a clinical diagnosis: Shaking Leg Syndrome. I call it fidgeting. He just can’t keep his leg still any more than I can keep my fingers idle. I’ve been doodling as therapy for as long as I can remember. I have never … Continue reading “I Doodle” Club

“I Write About How Much I Love My Husband” Club

I want to have an essay published in the New York Times Modern Love column by the end of this year. They get over 600 submissions and accept 4 a month. (With the addition of the new Modern Love Podcast, I’m betting the submissions have quadrupled.) For the girl behind HeartsEverywhere.com, The Modern Love column is my (first) Pulitzer. Originally I thought I’d try submitting … Continue reading “I Write About How Much I Love My Husband” Club

“I Used to Live in the City” Club

When we moved to NJ from New York City (NYC) four years ago, we did so kicking and screaming (our rent increase of $1,200 forced us out). We thought this might be a “five-year plan,” which aligned perfectly with my personality as I’ve never lived anywhere for more than four years. We moved to the first building off the George Washington Bridge, which is as … Continue reading “I Used to Live in the City” Club

“Hearts Still Find Me” Club

When I first created HeartsEverywhere.com, I wanted a catchy name for a blog I could use as a writing platform. The name came obviously and easily. Deep in love, I discovered hearts everywhere, which exploded all around me alongside Twitter and Facebook. Throughout the year, I sought out reinforcing signs from the universe yearning for the reasons and explanations. I was so uncertain of myself, … Continue reading “Hearts Still Find Me” Club

For all the Valentine’s Day Haters

Many of people hate Valentine’s Day – and I’m sure there are plenty of reasons. Here are some you may have heard: “It’s a Hallmark-created holiday to fuel the economy.” “I don’t need a holiday to tell my honey how much I love him. I love him every day.” “It’s a holiday to make us single people feel bad.” “It’s too much pressure and it … Continue reading For all the Valentine’s Day Haters

Heart Rocks

In August 2008 on our way home from our first trip to Maine, we stopped in Newport, Rhode Island. While stopping at a beach along the Cliff Walk, we ran into a woman looking for heart-shaped rocks along the predominantly-pebbled beach. It seemed like the perfect idea for someone who authors a blog called Hearts Everywhere. Thus the hobby was born. I’ve been collecting them … Continue reading Heart Rocks

Bringing Back the Hearts

The blog is called Hearts Everywhere but it had been a while since I had posted anything heart-related. I was having a crisis of blog identity; I wondered if my blog title no longer fit my blog. As a band-aid for my doubt/guilt, my boyfriend suggested I take one day a week and post something heart-related. (If you want to read why I started my … Continue reading Bringing Back the Hearts

Stream of Consciousness Blogging: Can I Do It?

I’m not one of those bloggers that publishes stream of consciousness writing. You know what I mean … more like journal writing or ranting. Not much for sentence structure or even direction. Just trying to type fast enough to keep up with the words my brain is spitting out. In theory, it could go something like this: I woke up this morning and my eyelids … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Blogging: Can I Do It?

Hearts Beyond the Potato

The Internet allows us to find people we would never otherwise would have met. After I blogged about the heart potato lady (Mary Apple) from Letterman, her daughter, Claire emailed me to share her love of hearts with me. I found someone whose love of hearts may trump mine. She was lovely enough to share personal photos of her home with me. Claire is an … Continue reading Hearts Beyond the Potato

Obama Hearts a Heart Potato

For those that didn’t catch our President on the David Letterman show last night, I was pleased to see that the 44th President of the United States appreciates the value of a heart. Mary Apple was the woman (who will find my Website one day) who found the heart spud. She had apparently visited the Letterman show two years ago and brought her prize possession. … Continue reading Obama Hearts a Heart Potato

Monday Like a Sunday … A Day in Photos

I used to think I was special because I made waffles rather than defrost them. Then my boyfriend got me a waffle maker that even made my waffles feel special (see proof below). This morning, I made waffle batter from scratch. Presto deliciousness. The waffles were so pretty, they served as perfect models for an impromptu photo shoot. Then the Lego crew decided that they … Continue reading Monday Like a Sunday … A Day in Photos

Revolutionary Road and Love

Last night I saw Revolutionary Road. It has been almost 24 hours and I can’t shake the movie from my system. Sam Mendes was brilliant. Kate Winslet was phenomenal. Even Leo was amazing. The poingnancy of the film, the rawness, the honesty. The realistic portrayal that played into so many fears. I’m still formulating my thoughts – but it has buried itself into an abyss … Continue reading Revolutionary Road and Love

I Heart Radio City Music Hall

Dear HeartsEverywhere Blog Readers, So I am attempting to post every day for a month as part of my participation in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month … which actually happens every month). What this means is that there may be posts this month that sound a bit different from my ordinary posts. Perhaps less thought out, less thought-inspiring, and overall maybe a little bit more … Continue reading I Heart Radio City Music Hall

Hearts Naturally.

Even Mother Nature herself has created hearts out of nature. But apparently sometimes you have to look at something from a very specific angle (mostly from very high above) to realize it’s a heart. Pretty symbolic of love; you see its truest form when you look at it from a bigger perspective rather than minutely analyze every detail. You cannot see the flaws from so … Continue reading Hearts Naturally.

Love Fragile. Love Floating.

I met a boy, a man, a friend; I knew his face but not his name.I recognized his eyes;the man behind the clown. The clown gave me a heart balloon.The man gave me his name. He gave me his love. His life. His happy. I gave him my heart, my soul, my days. He didn’t guarantee the balloon wouldn’t popor that it wouldn’t deflate.But it … Continue reading Love Fragile. Love Floating.

So – What’s With the Hearts?

In 2006, I started seeing hearts everywhere. Not just on the necklace I wore with three little silver hearts and not just dangling from my keychain. Hearts exploded around the world: glass hearts in Venice; hearts on telephone poles in Amsterdam; chocolate hearts in Brussels. Little girls had hearts on their shirts and on the barrettes in their hair; their grandmothers had antique heart brooches … Continue reading So – What’s With the Hearts?


I put off writing the ABOUT ME section of my blog for a long time. Partly because the Me changes so often. Partly because I don’t know how to stop once I start writing (especially about Moi). I tried to write a bio-type blurb and 5 pages of narcissistic crap came out. So I started a memoir. In the meantime I feel like I owe … Continue reading ABOUT ME

On the roof

After Sunday’s rained out attempt, we ventured down Muesum Mile once again and finally made it to see the art installation of sculptures by Jeff Koons. Set on the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the creations were dramatic and awesome against a Central Park and Manhattan skyline. Jeff KoonsSacred Heart (Red/Gold), 1994–2007High chromium stainless steel with transparent … Continue reading On the roof

Hearting the weekend

SoHo and NoLita hearts were everywhere – especially graffiti and stickers. When we had our favorite huevos rancheros (with poached eggs LIGHT) at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Mexican Radio, hearts surrounded us. See:lit up at the bar logo for Corazon Tequla on the column above our table we faced a heartStickers around Soho: Graffiti in a secret alley And then we passed my future apt … Continue reading Hearting the weekend

The scissors made me do it

5 minutes and a pair of scissors. From conservative to Daisy Duke. Then I Andy Warholed my pictures through photobucket. Here’s what happened when an adverturous pair of Banana Republic jeans met a bored pair of scissors. The PS: my 6-year-old saw the cut off portions of the jean legs and surprised me by putting them on – like leg warmers. Excellent. …before …and after. Continue reading The scissors made me do it

Upper West Side Hearts

My good friend Rachel and her husband Bob are part of the “A game” in my book. Transparently basking in the glow of newlywed love after celebrating their three-year wedding anniversary, these Upper West Side residents are competitive athletes, driven career folks, lovers of the arts and as I like to say – good people. As always Rachel’s invitation for drinks before dinner wasn’t your … Continue reading Upper West Side Hearts