The Baby Girl and Her Barrettes

I never imagined what it would be like to have a little girl. When I was pregnant the first time 9 years ago I knew from the minute I got pregnant it was a boy – not because we had a sonogram to tell us – and not because my belly looked like a boy – but because I just knew that I would be a boy mommy. I wasn’t very girly. I don’t like to shop (insert gasp here); I don’t like shoes or purses, and I never played with Barbie. I mean I’m not a tomboy since I never really took to sports – but I’m more of a pragmatic girl.

The only two girly things about me is the long, curly hair and my love of make up.

Last June, as they cut me open to pull out my baby, and they told me it’s a girl – I was suddenly flooded with images of pink frillyness. I was sure that MY GIRL would not be a girly girl. She would wear cool clothes and never, ever play with Barbie. I mean, how could she – she was MY daughter.

But alas, the girl came out with thick, dark hair and gorgeous eyes and suddenly the girly girl in ME emerged. Who knew? (Well, the boyfriend knew. He will tell you so proudly.)

Now at 8 months old the baby girl already has hair that goes into her eyes and curls all along the back of her neck. After she wakes up in the morning, we have to comb her frizzy hair out – already I have to find hair product for an 8-month-old?! (I kid only partially.)

But it’s a daily amazement how much the girl transforms me. I like to dress her up, unlike the dolls with which I never played. A “little Galochka,” my parents call her sometimes – even though I look and see her daddy looking back at me.

Recently I decided that I needed to buy her barrettes. We’ve gotten some over-the-top bow contraptions as gifts, but I don’t think that’s very fitting of a hip New York City baby. (I was one of those Russian babies that had bows from 4-months-old and have plenty of vintage black-and-white photos to prove it.)

My cousin suggested I make some headbands myself – and I probably will – but in the meantime, I had a flashback to my first American barrettes. The plastic ones in various colors with a simple snap that held baby’s fine hair. Many of my friends didn’t remember them or didn’t know what I was referencing. Were these immigrant barrettes only?

On a recent toothpaste run to the drug store, I passed by the hair aisle and Eureka – I found them. Goody Sassy Barrettes – for my sassy baby girl. They are perfect – for “piggies,” as I call them and a lovely side-swept bang look – and as a bonus, a box of 24 comes in every girly color. Goody, goody gumdrops!

2 thoughts on “The Baby Girl and Her Barrettes

  1. I remember those barrettes! Of course, my family would fit into the “immigrant” category when I was growing up, BUT I do remember other little girls, wore them, too! I also remember those elastic ties with plastic balls on the ends that would hurt when accidentally snapped while my mother tried to do my hair…

  2. Ryukyusoul – I remember the pom poms too! Her hair is still too short for those but you know I'll be getting them when it's time for them! Of course I can't wait to go to the fashion district here in NYC and get tons of glittery and fabric flowers that I could just put on a headband!

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