Babies React to the Optimum Triple Play Commercials

We’ve recently noticed that our 8-month-old has a fascination with the Optimum Online Triple Play TV commercial. It comes on often during the Today show. They change the commercial every so often – so there have been many renditions – but the jingle stays the same. It’s very annoying, yet catchy – it may even make jingle history. The marketing strategy seems to be over-saturation during a short time.

My baby would drop anything she was doing if she heard the commercial come on. She would stop eating, playing, drinking – and hypnotically turn towards the TV. Sometimes she just goes into a trance; other times she laughs, claps or bounces to the music. We think it’s hilarious and I thought it would make for a cute blog post – the commercial – not the girl watching the commercial. (Although now that is to come…)

I went on YouTube to find the commercial so I can link to it in this post and when I searched “Optimum Online Triple Play Commercial,” I noticed several baby videos.

I was curious – is this a thing? Are all babies hypnotized by this commercial? Is this – as my boyfriend coined – “The Pide Piper of Commercials?” What kind of brainwashing have these marketing masterminds created – and why are they targeting babies?

The draw seems to be the music – since all the babies are reacting to different visuals, with the same jingle. The phone number: 877-399-4448 is the part that seems to be the most annoying – Google it and you’ll see tons of folks complaining about it.

I wonder – have I stumbled upon some kind of baby voodoo magic? 

Does anyone else have babies who have this reaction? Or any reaction to this commercial at all? Would love to hear feedback!

Here are some of the videos from YouTube that shows different babies reacting to the commercials:

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