“Writing 6-Word Memoirs” Club

The six-word memoir concept made me think of tombstones. For those of us who don’t write a memoir or autobiography, will the gravestone become the everlasting definition of ourselves?

Historically, marble slabs are etched with names, dates lived, and titles. Our lives are summed up by how we related to someone else. Daughter, Sister, Mother, Wife. In the end is that ultimately how we want to be remembered? The 6-word-memoir is a great update. 

I couldn’t settle on just one 6-word memoir; maybe after a year of writing autobiographical stories, I’ll narrow it down. For now, 6-word-memoirs, times six:

  • Transcribing life, one story a day.
  • Married professional clown, spent life laughing.
  • Late bloomer, second time’s a charm.
  • Overcoming when happiness isn’t your default.
  • Immigrant struggling with cultural, creative, identity.
  • Slept naked, loved hard, documented it.

2 thoughts on ““Writing 6-Word Memoirs” Club

  1. NO! You did not miss it; it is one of my favorites and I will write all about it. I have been sleeping naked for 23 years and I can’t imagine any other way. I think it’s key to marriage success!

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