“I’m an Idea Person” Club

Ironically if you asked me if I was a “creative” person, I’d instinctively say, “no!” I am continually spewing ideas. I presume they come from the same part of my brain which generates my verbal diarrhea and while it’s easy for my brain to “storm,” it’s harder for it to filter and drain and even harder still to implement.

Ideas can be fun. I have an idea! Let’s chevron the wall of the bathroom! Let’s drive to Canada this weekend! Let’s write a screenplay – no, a musical – no,  a TV show! I have an idea! Let’s start a non-profit, or a for-profit and a podcast in our living room.

Exasperating this idea proliferation is my husband, also a Grade A Idea Man. He doubles as my instigator/cheerleader. Whereas some wives complain how their husbands can’t get on board with their crafty endeavors, mine accompanies me eagerly to Michael’s where he’ll happily offer up his phone for a chance to use a second 40% off coupon.

Sometimes my ideas come unsolicited and at rapid-fire speed directed into the ethos and ears of the uninitiated, unaware of the grand plan which is about to be unloaded on them. Maybe it’s the inane journalist in me, or how I easily spill my life story to anyone who will listen, but as far back as I can remember, adults of all ages have loved to confide in me. A lifetime of hearing dilemmas have conditioned my brain to automatically shift into “problem-solving” mode, spitting “ideas” for solutions [TRANSLATION: unsolicited advice]. Note: I’m aware these are not my equations to solve.

My husband and I have even come up with Shark Tank-worthy ideas. Like the …oh yeah, it was the … um, what was it again?” That’s the thing with a rapid idea-generating machine – I can undervalue an idea as fast as it was created. Some harvest wildflowers, some see them as weeds; my consistent insecurity and slight OCD leans me to the latter.

A second of genius no followed by hard work and persistence is fruitless. It’s buying a seed and never planting it.

One year I had an idea to write down every idea I came up with and then try to implement it. No matter how ambitious the idea, I would attempt it. The documentation lasted two weeks; the follow through implementation failed completely.

Fortunately, one failed idea can breed a new one … or 365.

One thought on ““I’m an Idea Person” Club

  1. Great minds think alike they say, I thought I was the queen of unfinished, unimplemented ideas😉. Hopefully, we can form a new club…I’m A Success Club!

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