“The Power of an Apology” Club

I was never one to give much weight or validity to an apology no matter how sincere. I am a proud Leo who has always struggled with apology and forgiveness. I work hard to do everything right all the time and my sense of virtue and justice hovers over me as an identifier. I’m aware I have to loosen up in terms of both. In … Continue reading “The Power of an Apology” Club

“I’m Not Good at Forgiveness” Club

I haven’t reached a ripe age of maturity yet. My proof? I still have yet to master the art of forgiveness. I meet people and I either love you or hate you completely, just like you would do to me. If I love you, I bring you into my life entirely. I surrender my inhibitions, lower my barriers, and invite you into my ‘modern family’ … Continue reading “I’m Not Good at Forgiveness” Club