Jake’s secret life

Walking in Tribeca after a fun-filled day, my son tells me that he has a “secret life in his brain.” It doesn’t take much to bait me and I bit.

“What kind of secret life?” I asked.

“Inside my brain,” he goes on to explain. He told me that 3 separate parts comprise this secret life. And within each of these 3 parts, are 3 components. So essentially the secret life in his brain is segregated into 9 parts.

I had to answer a series of questions to be rewarded with the inner brain insights. In the end, I only got 2 of the 3 components. Here is what they were:

IMAGINATION – within which is also INVENTION and CREATION.

These words themselves don’t surprise me, but the labeling of his thoughts with the words is what blows my mind. This boy is perpetually creating stories in his head; his imagination is virtually endless. I draw stick figures and see stick figures. He draws stick figures and see a universe.

The second part of the brain was composed of FAMILY, HOME, and … this was a funny one, FURNITURE.

I love this boy.

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