Oh how quickly the days go by …

I’ve been a self-proclaimed sleep Nazi from the time my son was a month old. I am very attached to our traditional bedtime routine – a bath, a book, and THE goodnight song.


I never thought he’d want to change the song that has been his lullaby for the last six years. But alas, after six years, my son asked for a new song.

Luckily, it relates.


One thought on “Oh how quickly the days go by …

  1. When i saw the post, I couldn’t believe it. I just never thought it would be different either, but we all change…hopefully for the better.When I pressed play and heard what he picked, I smiled and got goosebumps. He really is our kid (i do get some claim to fame).Well done to the best mommy I know. And bravo to Jake’s wonderful choice demonstrating his everlasting love and optimism. (just wait until he’s 12! Ha)

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