I Heart Radio City Music Hall

Dear HeartsEverywhere Blog Readers,

So I am attempting to post every day for a month as part of my participation in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month … which actually happens every month).

What this means is that there may be posts this month that sound a bit different from my ordinary posts. Perhaps less thought out, less thought-inspiring, and overall maybe a little bit more rushed. I imagine I’ll finally use the Blog platform as an online journal – a virtual documentation of my daily smiles, tears, and general trials and tribulations of being Me in NYC.

Last night we went to Cheech and Chong at Radio City Music Hall. The dudes were funny but the highlights were Radio City Music Hall itself as well as sitting next to Kim Cattrall (who looked GORGEOUS). Oh yeah, and since we lingered around long enough at the end, we saw John Leguizamo and Tommy Chong himself (who thought he recognized my boyfriend).

The picture is a mural from the men’s bathroom. Hearts are Everywhere!

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