Super Bowl Photo shoot

Warning: This may be rated PG-13.

I’m not a big football fan – or sports fan for that matter, but yesterday was my favorite Superbowl ever.

Here are the highlights:

I DVR-ed the game in hopes of fast-forwarding through the football and instead watching the commercials (hey – I’m in advertising). Here is my favorite commercial from the night:

Somewhere between the coin toss and the kick off, I decided to change into something a little less comfortable (but a whole lot sexier). It was a random – “I don’t want to hang out in sweats anymore…” moment. Well maybe this Lion just wanted some special attention. (I’m old enough to write that!)

Lucky for me, my boyfriend is a photographer and not a sports buff. Lucky for me too, Manhattan delis deliver beer and ice cream.

I decided that the first half wasn’t worth watching but fast forwarded directly to The Boss. This got me dancing in my outfit. Then the pizza arrived so I was eating pizza and dancing in the outfit. Finally I decided to play a few games of Guitar Hero – also in the outfit.

Finally, the photographer boyfriend couldn’t resist. Superbowl Sunday became Lingerie Photo shoot Sunday.

The game remained on pause.

At one point the game must have ended because we heard cheering outside, but I didn’t know what that meant.

Five dozen photos later we watched the last 2 minutes to see Steelers win the game.

PS: To my readers … this new journal-like documentation of my life is an attempt at blogging every day for the month. It may get ugly. It may get interesting. I guarantee there will be TMI.

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