Office Alarm

Sitting in an office all day often leaves my feet tapping and my mind antsy to wander.

Recently I made the decision to take a daily lunchtime walk and take photos.

This morning I decided to take a 15-minute walk through Central Park to my west side train. It was cold but bearable with melting ice on the concrete, but frozen ice over the grass. The trees were naked and the sky was white. The park seemed sad.
Even with the walk, I was the first one at the office at 8:20am. I got off at 9th floor and realized the lights were off. Shit – I had to turn off the alarm. I thought back to the first day when the HR girl told me the code and thought I remembered it correctly. But…what was the button to push after the code? Enter? Off? Away?

Beep, beep, beep … Why does everything that counts down come with a nerve-tapping beep? A “ticking” bomb, micro-waves, office alarms. Number-number-number-number-OFF. Great success.

So now I’m here.

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