Standing Out in Hyper Cyber

Standing out in the online community is like walking into a room filled with total darkness. Being pretty is no longer an advantage. You need to think about ways to stand out from the crowd. How can I be remembered? How can I leave a mark?

Marketing yourself online is just like any marketing. While it is not an exact science, I do think it’s based on biology and logic. It’s about telling people what they want to hear or what they like to hear. Instinctively we want to believe – there’s a reason why our brains respond to shiny, happy things. We like pretty because we’re programmed that way.

Networking online has can be like mushroom spores spreading through the hyper cyber [mysterious] space. The same rules exist – be in lots of places and talk to lots of people. Be consistent – it’s the basis for any brand success. Say interesting things or funny things or even controversial things and people will want to hear more. It’s not entirely if you build it, they will come; but it is if you build it and tell everyone about it, they will come.

The Internet has allowed anyone to become a marketing genius. No need to shell out the big bucks for newspaper ads or billboards or TV commercials when you can market to millions with a few clicks.

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