Meeting Poetry III

Yesterday I posted what I’ve titled MEETING POETRY. Here is yet another meeting, same speaker.

Meeting Poetry III
It’s just my reality…
Did anything pop out?
What do you mean when you say we lost them?
What are you commenting on?
Where are you?
How do you clean a list?

I’m gonna assume that…
It used to be ok
I remember when…

Wait. Stop. Can I ask you a question?
No, forget it. I’m confident I know the answer.

Where is it?
Where on the page?
Where on the website?
I get it.

Make one decision to get the rocket off the group.
Can I just say this?
How much money I made just doing shit!
Just do it.
Just set a rule.
Did you get that?

Know to look at the numbers.
Don’t just look at the numbers – look at the business.

We did not make a plan.
It was my fault.
I made a total fuck up.
I learned my lesson.
(I haven’t said this for 2 days.)

And as usual, I’m just looking at the numbers.
This just doesn’t make sense to me.
I just don’t get this.
Can you slow down for two seconds?
Can I just understand?
I want to try to understand!
Could you just let me talk?
Just hear me out.
That’s the point!
What’s the point?

Do not overly analyze
Keep it stupidly simple
I’m gut checking
I get it.
I’m so confused right now.
Can you just give me the numbers?!

Just bare with my stupidity
I’m keeping this stupidly simple.
Up, down, or flat.

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