Wedding Wishes


There’s no such thing as a perfect person – only a person that’s perfect for you. Trust yourself to know that you found him – and hold onto that trust in yourself and in each other.

Remember this day and how you feel about each other. Life will be rocky and there will be days when your mind will teleport you right back to this day and you will beam with happiness and it will make it all better. Embrace every emotion.

Be true to yourself. Be happy. Don’t struggle so hard when you don’t have to. Know that he loves you. Believe him. Love him back completely. Respect yourself and respect each other. It all started when you liked each other as people; don’t forget to like each other. Laugh – every day – or as much as you can. Life gives us the tears; it’s our job to laugh in its face. Celebrate love and celebrate romance; it’s not corny – it’s maintenance, like oil for a car.

I hope the day was all you dreamed about and more. I hope your life together is all you imagine with sprinkles on top (or should I say cheese?).

Be Happy.


Wedding cards were just too cliché and by the time you’re ripping this open to see how much the check is for, the wedding is already over ☺. This card is designed to transition you onto the next part. So: HAPPY HONEYMOON!

Have an amazing guiltless time. Take pleasure in every succulent minute.

I know that there will be hundreds of guests and you may not remember everyone – but rest assured we’ll remember you and the testament that you made to each other in front of us. CONGRATULATIONS, by the way. Thank you for having us share in your wedding day.

We wish you a lifetime filled with love, laughter, holding hands, drinking wine, dancing, eating amazing dinners, traveling, and everything beautiful in this world. Try not to go to bed angry. No matter what happens throughout the day, when you get to bed at night, it’s just the two of you in your world. Hold onto each other every night like you’re the only two on earth.

There are so many beautiful quotes that have been written about love; I don’t have to struggle to recreate the words or the sentiment. Here’s one I love:

In the end, nothing we do or say in this lifetime
will matter as much as the way we loved another.

Cheers to love…

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