Ode to Mississippi, the Step Turtle

Mississippi the Turtle has lived at my house for the last 3 years. My boyfriend was going away on a trip, dropped her off and decided this would be a better home for her. So now she goes on walk-abouts in my Manhattan flat. We forget about her for a week or so sometimes and out she’ll come, dragging a bunch of dust from under the couch with her.

Recently we took Mississippi out on the fire escape and to Central Park. Here are some photos. The video is priceless – she braves a jump off the ledge.

Incidentally, she was named after the Grateful Dead song, Mississippi Half-Step Toodeloo.

On the fire-escape before the big jump. She’s contemplating.

Here’s the video of her jump!

In daddy’s hands.

Cozy in the grass of Central Park.

From behind the blades of grass…

And a piggy back ride for our rubber dinosaur. She thought it was a relative.

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