Google Search Stories: Life Entertains

This is so cool and so 2010. I have been the go-to Google Gal for a long time so clearly Google Search Stories excited me. I wasted no time … and this is far from the last search story by yours truly.

Check out my 30-second creation about the year that was:

I’ve always had plenty to talk and write about when it comes to the drama that seems to find me. From 2008 up until now I haven’t really had a break (well actually a knee break), but life has gotten me to a very lucky and beautiful place. So I’m taking a deep breath and slowly trying to move forward. Life has put me on a path and I have made some turns toward the light so click, clack moo-ving forward.

And just for ‘shits and giggles’ – here (in bullets, not video) is the prequel to the above video (now if Google allowed for more than 7 searches in Google Search Stories):

  • Vacation in St. Martin
  • What is a partial thyroidectomy?
  • Best thyroid surgeon in New York City
  • Best orthopedist in Manhattan
  • Fractured knee
  • How to use crutches for 6 weeks
  • Dealing with difficult clients in advertising
  • How to handle a tax audit
  • How to file for unemployment
  • How to handle a pregnancy scare
  • Boston for July 4th
  • Driving through Maine
  • Family vacation in San Diego
  • How to prepare for 12-hours of interviewing @ a company you worked for before
  • Going back to work for an old boss
  • In-grown toe nail surgery
  • Flights to Kansas City for New Year’s
  • Working for an abusive boss
  • Vacation in St. Martin (again)
  • Getting fired (again) … and this is where above video starts

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