“I Have Morning Sickness PTSD” Club

I threw up every day for 9 months when I was pregnant with my daughter six years ago. The medical term for severe morning sickness is “hyperemesis-gravidarum” and until Princess Kate made it evening news, many people didn’t understand how incapacitating it is. For the first three months, I was bedridden and every morning felt like Groundhog’s Day meets The Hangover. Everyone marveled at my … Continue reading “I Have Morning Sickness PTSD” Club

“Paranoid of Pregnancy” Club

I apologize to the millions of couples with infertility issues who may inadvertently read this. This is not your club and though I would not want to join yours, I offer sincere empathy. This is about my perpetual pregnancy paranoia. I am blessed with textbook periods; arriving like clockwork every 28 days. I have two children and I knew the exact day both were conceived. However, … Continue reading “Paranoid of Pregnancy” Club

“I Count Everything” Club

I count often during the day. I count steps whether I’m going up or down, I count how many steps it takes to get to the laundry room, and while I sit on the toilet, I count how many tiles line the bathroom floor. I don’t remember the numbers; they’re irrelevant, I’m not measuring or keeping track. I have a constantly-multitasking abacus mind. It must … Continue reading “I Count Everything” Club

3 Addresses and the Year That Was

The other day I got a piece of mail that had 3 addresses on it for me; two of which were printed on the yellow post office new address stickers. I was dually impressed – both with the post office for keeping up with the mail, and with myself for managing 3 addresses in one year. It led me to reflect on the year during … Continue reading 3 Addresses and the Year That Was

Google Search Stories: Life Entertains

This is so cool and so 2010. I have been the go-to Google Gal for a long time so clearly Google Search Stories excited me. I wasted no time … and this is far from the last search story by yours truly. Check out my 30-second creation about the year that was: I’ve always had plenty to talk and write about when it comes to … Continue reading Google Search Stories: Life Entertains