The Last Blizzard of 2010: The Wall Street Perspective

The last blizzard of 2010. New York Stock Exchange on Broad Street. NYC.

Jake in the snow in front of our building.

Stomping through the evenly plowed masses of snow near the stock exchange; Wall Street kept the streets clear for business.

In front of the New York Stock Exchange with the Christmas Tree. Pretty crazy that this is our neighborhood.

Jake is playing dead after a snowball / icicle adventure. In front of Hanover Park a block from our apt in downtown NYC. This was the same park the Queen of England visited this summer.

Mackenzie is not particularly happy in her first romp in the snow. Daddy insists she was happy the whole time until the end (when the bitter wind came). When I got her home and unraveled her, I found a melted piece of snow near her bottom. Good thing for diaper protection.

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