Love is Life

Sometimes I sit down to write when I have a few minutes in between the running here or there. Many times I think I’m going to have enough time to write something comprehensive, but often times I have a paragraph or two written in a Word document – and keep it open for days. More times than not, I forget where I was going with any particular random page.

Here’s something I wrote last weekend that never went anywhere but is a Polaroid of a weekend out of my life, winter 2011. Maybe I was just in a romantic mood – this Saturday will be my boyfriend and our 6th anniversary of the day we met. We’re excited to celebrate – we’re in a good place. (Can you tell?)

A snapshot from a moment that I thought would be longer:

Shh. Do you hear that? The sound of the clock ticking only matched my keys typing. The “men” are having a Lego battle in a room 40 feet away. The babe sleeps nearer to them than to me. I am alone with the laptop, a cup of coffee and a toasted bagel. Everything is just as it should be and it’s eerily frightening.

These are the moments that I have to pinch myself and remind myself it’s real. This is MY life – the one I created – and it’s beautiful. We live in an awesome apartment that’s unusually large for Manhattan, but we pay for in space, we lose in light. The brightest it gets in here resembles dusk. It’s hard for a sun-lover like me – but I’d happily give up a lifetime of light for the kind we make in our family.

It sounds hoaky to those that are cynical or not in love – but to those that feel it – or have felt it and lived it – it is life at its finest. I often say Love is Life.

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