So – What’s With the Hearts?

In 2006, I started seeing hearts everywhere. Not just on the necklace I wore with three little silver hearts and not just dangling from my keychain.

Hearts exploded around the world: glass hearts in Venice; hearts on telephone poles in Amsterdam; chocolate hearts in Brussels. Little girls had hearts on their shirts and on the barrettes in their hair; their grandmothers had antique heart brooches and hearts were embroidered into their purses. Hearts adorned the storefronts of boutiques in SoHo and were graffitied on the bodegas of Spanish Harlem.

They were also in the clouds, in the trees, in the shadows, in flower petals, in cut strawberries. It seemed that nature was in alignment with the people. (Or was it the other way around?)

Once I started looking, I saw them everywhere.

I started this blog with the intention of collecting photos of hearts everywhere – and then it evolved into essays and commentary about my life and chronically my happiness. But when life decided to narrate stories faster than I could transcribe them (publicly), I hit the pause button on my beloved blog.

When I decided to start posting to the blog again, I gave it a new look, but the voice is the same. I’m still finding hearts in the world, but for 2016, the hearts will be in the stories.


66 thoughts on “So – What’s With the Hearts?

  1. This past January I also started seeing hearts everywhere. I have a horse barn and see them in many different forms out there. Horse manure, kitty litter, rocks, puddles, etc. I am desperate to know the meaning of this. My cat got hit by a car and killed in October, in January I got a heart shaped tatoo with a cat in the center and a few days later all of these hearts started appearing, I have photographed most of them. Very stange.

  2. I have been seeing hearts sence I was prgnt with my son as he was also a suprize to us, He was concieved on or around Valentines Day and I thought nothing of it at that time as it was just some devine way of telling me the joy of life as we tried for children for aprox 7yrs till suprize my daughter whos three. I yet again see hearts everywhere and also take pictures of them. I see puddles as the children and myself are ill and pulling into the er parking lot, i see in a single grape tiny and small but none the less heart shaped, a yellow pepper as we do not buy as they are expensive but there it was I cut it open and it just stared at me as if i am to know what this means, heart light peering down from an opening in the cloud covered sky as if it were for me to see only and then closed as i was pohtographing it, oil stain in driveway heart shaped, i am looking now as i recently found a scab under my hair on my scalp peeled it and to my surprize heart blood on my finger now today a heart shape bruse on my knee? I have seen hearts cut into center of pickles, in grassy puddle at the playground. Let me just ask for some help figureing out the meaning my husband is fixed so no that is not itr i am not prgnt even though it would make me feel tremendous joy in my heart no that is not it, i would really just like some intervention and help to find out what is happening to me? Help or email me with your advice thank you and have a great day ~:)

  3. im seeing heart everyday….. i dont know what this means, cant really find answers to this but, as i look and see that im not the only one thats having these, what seems to be so strange, HEART SHAPES, to just appear out of thin air. im actually thinking that maybe.. and please dnt quote me on this, that, our physical universe is trying to tell us something. like maybe we are really bless, or we are definitly loved. its definitly nothing bad. i recall my best heart symbol i seen on christmas day. i swear i literally walk outside and looked down and there was a PERFECT heart shape snowball right there. just for me. i cant explain to you how special i felt. hey, maybe thats it. it was letting me know im special.

  4. For about 2 weeks i was seeing hearts everywhere … a paint droped into perfect heart … a burn on my hand peeled into heart . water on the floor a heart and so many others . …. i too took pics of them all . one day i came home and found my daughter .. she had hung herself weraring my pj bottoms with a heart on them …. I still see hearts everywhere …. i still wonder what the hell it means . is it a good sign or bad .????

  5. It seems that we all have one thing in common. And that is that we have experienced pain. When I and my ex broke up, I blamed myself, and missed, and wept over her every day. I was in pain and would not live anymore, and just wanted to commit suicide. But somehow I did not, I felt that there was someone who looked after me, and in the process I started to see heart-shaped things wherever I went. And I still do ❤

  6. I have doing this for years. see heart shapes every where all day long. something inside says it means something special. i just dont know what. I love everything and everyone very deep. one day it will make sence. i have a feeling GOD made me this way for a reason. ❤

  7. I have been seeing heart shapes in everything lately for about two weeks…I pumped out some lotion to put on my face and looked at my hand it was a perfect heart of lotion…this morning I was brushing my teeth spit out a perfect heart shape into the sink…I'm kinda tripping out at this point.

  8. Same here…I have been seeing hearts pretty much every day and often twice per day… for the last 5 months or so.
    At first i saw a few a week and thought it was a funny coincidence, but now that it has increased to often 2 heart sightings per day,6-7 days a week, its so obvious and intentional the ways and the places i see them sometimes i just have to laugh.

    As someone mentioned i share the pain factor here as i have been through a lot the last few years and dealt with a lot of feelings of loneliness and lack of love…

    As a christian i tend to conclude this is Gods way of telling me he loves me cause he knows i need it…

    still i find the phenomenon mind-boggling and wish there was more “research” or stories on this phenomenon.


  9. I thought one or two were a coincidence but I have started seeing them everywhere – a fragment of cereal on the worktop in a heart shape, lotion, cuts, it only made me realise it wasn't just me when I dropped ketchup on my knee and my husband commented on the heart shape. I wish I'd photographed the first few but it will be my mission now – I just hope it's a good symbol – I haven't really had terrible pain in my life so am extremely lucky.

  10. Hearts have been appearing in my life
    dozens of times in the most unusual
    places. I know in my heart that it's
    a sign from GOD above confirming to me now to lose hope and that he has
    heard my prayers.


  11. I been seeing hearts everywhere for a while now like rock shaped hearts found on the beach. Then I would see them everywhere in everything. I almost forgotten about it or see any meaning in it. Today though it was kind of a sign or something to find hearts in places not likely to find one. I spilled on my shirt and it was a heart shape stain on my white shirt. Thought nothing of it but then later I found a perfect heart shaped pickle in my sandwich. Who would ever find a heart pickle. All other pickles were round. So this prompt me to google it. I would love to find meaning in this if there is one.

  12. I thought I was going nuts,,,I see them everywhere I go. On the floor, clouds, there was a guy i dated who had a birth mark shaped like a heart on his back. I see them everywhere in the strangest places…let me tell you, I was in my sister's house one day. My 10 month old nephew was napping. When he woke I ran to pick him out of crib. I was so excited to see him anyway he was laying on his tummy so I lift and placed him on his back, just to find a prefect HEART ❤ shape on his shirt made of wet pee. Yes, he had on a diaper but some of it dripped out on to his onesies creating the most prefect shaped heart...,<3a

  13. I too have been seeing hearts in everything for the last eight years. I started photographing them and have created an album to remember them by since many of them come and go especially formations such as clouds or liquid form. During the last two years my daughters also see hearts everywhere. As amazing as these sightings are, people that don't see them seem to doubt their existence. I am very thankful for receiving such messages and although I do not know its source, I know they are messages from a good source.

  14. I too see hearts everywhere. I happened a few months ago when I realised I had fallen deeply in love for the first time in my life. Hearts are present in myriads in my daily life – even when taking a walk along the beach shore (shells and sand prints present me with this lovely shape), or when working in the garden and I spot a chpped piece of wood revealing the hart shape in its cross section. I am sure it is a miracle, as it is this love I have found (I met this person on Valentine Day in 2011 but it took me a couple of months to realise I was totally in love with her).

  15. Over the last year I've been seeing them as well, daily in everything. From apple cores to a piece of my hair stuck to the mirror. I even have a heart shaped birthmark on my abdomen. I've been on spiritual journey, I guess we all are, that's grown more intense over the past year. I know the hearts are a sign. I've taken them to mean I am loved by the universe and the being who created it. It's a little reminder…”hey, I love you”. Just today I was getting out of the shower and when picking up my towel I saw a heart shaped water droplet. I knew there would be others experiencing this and am searching for insight. Starting in January of this year I started seeing 23 everywhere, mostly when I look at the clock, it is always 23:23, it always catches me off guard. I was born on the 23rd and it's always been a special number to me, lately I can't escape it….or the hearts and really I don't want to, they are my special messengers. Dandelion_roots@yahoo

  16. You would never believe this. It is Gio23 here, and I too not only see hearts everywhere but also the number 23 (together with another meaningful one: 59). I wake up in the night and it is 23:23, or 3:23, or during the day, like tonight, it was 20:23. Even when I don't pay attention, I lift my eyes and the door number of any house in the street is 23! I know it is a lovely message of love. The person I love lives at number 23. So beautiful…

  17. Amazing!!!! Wow yay! Not alone 🙂 name is heather. Have a 21 month old. It started when I was preg w her and eating cereal, and one had a heart when the others were swirls. I've been going thru alot recently and I started really seeing then constantly about a month ago. Clouds, flower petal, a bruise on my leg, a freckle on my other one, the toilet paper roll!!!I was starting to get almost worried but now I see im not alone. Im also a Christian and im thinking that He is telling us (even those who dont believe) that He loves us dearly, He is a God of love and no matter what He will love u. That's one thing that will always stay – His love. But I still wish I knew WHY He's sending us hearts?? Maybe its just that simple that Jesus is with us and loves us?? I also have started taking pictures. And to b honest im not actively looking bc I started to get annoyed (sorry Lord) but I feel better now lol we have to figure out the why tho

  18. A year ago my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and had been in the hospital for several days before i left her side to go home and shower. The tears were flowing on my drive back to the hospital I was very distruaght when all of a sudden i noticed in the sky right before my eyes was the most beautiful heart shaped cloud and from then on even though it was hard losing my mom I know that everything is going to be alright!!! And I like many others am finding hearts in mud puddles, in bruises, in rocks i find and yes many many in the clouds. What a beautiful reminder that we are loved and being watched over! God knows what he is doing!! ps on mothers day this year i waited all day to find a heart and i really didnt think i was going to get one…but right at sunset i went outside and there right above my moms house was a beautiful RED HEART in the sky. Just a reminder of how lucky and Loved I am! Or we all are…if we just stop long enough to notice!!!!!I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!

  19. I started seeing them after I met my first boyfriend and a week before we made three months (a week ago) we broke up and I still them everywhere and it eases the pain of that among other issues in my life

  20. Wow I really I thought I was the only one I started seem 'em like I six years back but lately I've seen them everywhere …I start to take pics n put 'em in an album…I hope this is good sign bcus since six yrs back I've had hurted with all the guys I fall in love n everytime I think I find the right one something happens but I now my shape hearts means hope bcus one really good one is coming. <3<3

  21. Wow I really I thought I was the only one I started seem 'em like I six years back but lately I've seen them everywhere …I start to take pics n put 'em in an album…I hope this is good sign bcus since six yrs back I've had hurted with all the guys I fall in love n everytime I think I find the right one something happens but I now my shape hearts means hope bcus one really good one is coming. <3<3

  22. I'm not gonna tell the same story once again;) Just trying to find out what this sign could stand for…I think that we (all the people in this blog) share the same belief in God. I'm not sure If It's related more to religion or astrology even sth. else, but It shows that we're in a good way and should keep going. God bless you all.

  23. All day today me and my friend have been seeing hearts everywhere, on rocks, on the road, everywhere…What does this mean??? is it the next day you will find the olove of your life

  24. Last year I kept seeing hearts. now I'm starting to see them again, and they're all in some form of nature.

  25. I am also a Christian. I have been dealing with a lot of things lately. Death of a family member, drug addiction of a daughter, financial issues, and other things. I have seen 2 hearts in the sky in the past week. Not clouds, but openings where the clouds are around the blue sky. I think Jesus is telling me he hears my prayers and to keep strong and that I am loved. I hope I see more. I wasn't looking for them, I just looked up and they were there. I love the Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior!

  26. Ok, Im a rational kind of a guy and dont usually look to deep in to things.

    However, over the last month, at work, hearts keep appearing in things such as cardboard tubes,the tares in rubber gloves when they accidentally get ripped, its even started at home now…!!

    I just happened to type in to google `seeing hearts' and am quite amazed at just how many people are writing about the same subject.

    I have no idea if it means anything, or if its just a coincidence and after a while you start to look to deep in to things, but its keeping my work mates pretty amused.

  27. This is hilarious, I was searching this up for fun and can't believe other people have experienced this as well. My 'heart findings' first occurred at the beginning of July when I was in Italy. There it was washed up on the shore, a gift from the Mediterranean sea; heart shaped rock. After that it was everywhere in Italy, when I looked for it or not. On my last beach day in Italy, a bracelet of hearts was there right on the sand. I actually laughed out loud. But it wasn't the more recent experience that really shocked me. It happened yesterday, I've been back quite some time now and had complete forgot about the hearts. I was discussing my trip with an old friend, and there it appeared literally out of thin air. Apparently I had pressed my fountain pop too close, and the condensation from the cold created a water stain literally on the chest pocket front and center and on the left side!! My friend laughed and said, what is this? To be quite honest, I have been heart broken for a long time, and happen to still
    love him very much. It hurts to mention him, and I'm finding it hard to move on. When I was in Italy and visited all the churches, all I kept praying for was to have my heart healed, to have my heart back. And now I see them everywhere. So I think this is way of God telling me my heart has always been there, a little wounded but still beating. God has not forgotten about me, he sees my pain and has given me to see the love all around me, literally.

  28. Will I know Im not the only one I becuase I also see them in cloulds my food on the sidewalks and I think I God Is saying something to me just something to me I know I been through alot of pain through my life and I meet my second love and we are going through the motions….but I know he his saying God loves me and letting me know he loves me thats the best love you can have and he is showing pretty good ❤ -datfilipinoprince

  29. I have been seeing hearts.. also hearing them… I was listing to a tune and it was by Lenka and did't really catch what it was saying as I lookiing into her music I was amazed at how much she sings about hearts… I take pictures of all my heart sightings … I'm sure you all know what I am talking about ;0) But know I noticed that everyone that I share this with starts seeing them as well. For me it started when a great friend passed away. My hubby says he thinks that hes trying to tell me something lol Not sure what it is but it does give one a better look in life. I do stop to smell the roses now ….some may say! I have now passed this onto so many including my kiddos. When I goggled today I never would have thought I would find so many more people with the same gift. It's nice to know I'm not alone lol

  30. I have been seeing hearts.. also hearing them… I was listing to a tune and it was by Lenka and did't really catch what it was saying as I lookiing into her music I was amazed at how much she sings about hearts… I take pictures of all my heart sightings … I'm sure you all know what I am talking about ;0) But know I noticed that everyone that I share this with starts seeing them as well. For me it started when a great friend passed away. My hubby says he thinks that hes trying to tell me something lol Not sure what it is but it does give one a better look in life. I do stop to smell the roses now ….some may say! I have now passed this onto so many including my kiddos. When I goggled today I never would have thought I would find so many more people with the same gift. It's nice to know I'm not alone lol

  31. Hi all glad I'm not the only one who sees hearts every were. I've shown friends just to see if it's not just my mind playing tricks but they confream that it's not all in my mind. I really want to know why and what it means dose any one know. I've seen them for about 3 years probably 10 times in a week at the least, just about every day. I see them in everything from clouds to oil stains, mud, cow pats, rocks just to name a few. Can some one please tell me WHY.

  32. Anonymous said…. that first time I saw a heart was when a scratch my nose. When I went to clean the blood, the blood had taking a heart shape. They after that hearts keep appearing. I get hearts shape in food, rocks, water, flowers, ect… I know that the way the God tell us that he love us as well as our family memebers. Thank you God for your love. I will love you forever.

  33. me too started a few days ago water drops a piece of foil random things I wondered if it was because i am unhappy and lonely in the relationship i am in and their is a chance for me but i am scared to take it.

  34. I didn't know anyone else was seeing hearts too. I started seeing them after my mother died in October 2010. I see leaves tc…Today I walked into the bathroom. And a washclith looked as if it was folded into a heart … I wish I had photographed them. I will start doing that! I have also been through pàin. 2 divorces….breast cancer….Maybe God is telling us we are blessed
    and watched over.

  35. OMG NO WAY !! I THOUGHT I’M THE ONLY ONE ! The same keeps happening with me , it’s just crazy , so today i decided to google it what does it mean ? and your words are EXACTLY what’s happening with me , i used to see a heart shape once a week but now it’s increasing i just see heart shapes everywhere , in dust , in thrown tissues, in drinks , in pizza left overs ,even in clouds and i tried telling my mother but no one knew what it meant or called me over-reacting thank you so much for posting this ! I’m experiencing the same things , i have pictures too what do u think it means ? I think the universe is trying to tell us that god loves us or someday we’ll find true love ? or life will be better or our future will be great ? thank you again i thought i was the only one in the World…Andreja

  36. …today in my breakfast scramble, yesterday in my coffee ( tiny flake heart floating on top, in rocks, paint chips, my phone cord. As I listen to this mornings sermon , every other sentence is regarding “God changing our hearts!” Regeneration (he changes your heart of stone to a heart of flesh ) Yes, my heart in common brothers and sisters It IS a sign that God is with you, loves you and will finish the good work he has begun in you!
    As to why we see hearts at the times that we see them? Or as to why don't others see them as well? I have no idea, but God will finish his good work with them as well.
    I just had an inspired thought that maybe, theses visuals amongst us certain few , have something to do with our God given spiritual gifts? Everyone has a gift and all gifts are to be used together for their greatest good. Possibly heart “see'ers” are heart whisperer s …in that my spiritual gift is Exhortation , meanin ” to lift others up, supporters , life's cheerleaders.
    Yes, we must be heart whisperer s , God sees this , and in return he sends us a valentine to uplift and i courage us as well.
    God bless , and thank you all for making me feel like a part of you …. Instead of a looney tune who sees hearts in her mayonnaise ! LOL!!!! Right?!

  37. Hi everyone I have been seeing hearts for the past 15 years. It all started one day at work. I was out in the parking lot and feeling very lonely and unloved. I am a believer in God so I was telling God how unloved i felt. I looked down and there was a heart rock. I laughed and said other people get to share their love with another person, I get a rock. I have been seeing heart every where since then.I collect them, started a garden of heart rock. I too see hearts in the clouds, trees,…. It is nice to know that others also see them. I take it as it's God's way of reminding me through out my day that he loves me.
    I believe the most important thing in life is love.So let us love and share our love with others.
    from one heart observer to another.
    : )

  38. I, too, have been seeing hearts since June of 2006. It started with a large cloud. I was out walking my dog, Angel, when I looked up and I saw a large heart-shaped cloud with an arrow going through it. Since then I have seen hearts every where. In trees, on the street, sidewalk, in the sink in the bubbles. I also started to take pictures of them all. My dog leash feel on the floor in the shape of a heart. They are every where!! To me, they mean that God is guiding the desires of my heart and all will come true.

  39. I really liked this girl, we were kinda friends i even made funny videos for her. Then she just ignored me , and through i found out she hated me and considered me a creeper. Then recently i started seeing hearts everywhere in everything, in wall stains, coulds, lotion forms, toothpaste stains , dirt, dead grass, branch arrangements and dust piles. I assume God and Jesus are doing this to punish me for a sin I've done. I don't know if its that or im going insane, but at least im not the only one with this problem

  40. i started a tour of duty over seas, my girlfriend, and i just got back together, in november, after i found out she cheated on me. my family don't like her and has been trying to keep me away from her. but when i told her good bye in november to start my deployment, i saw heart shaped rocks in mississippi and then when i got into country i saw a puddle of a huge heart after our first big rain fall. i took a pic of it. then a heart in the shower, and now heart shaped rocks every where. white and sometimes black. i am in the desert and it is bountiful full of rocks, but heart shaped are the ones i find. i have not heard from my girl in2 weeks as my family up set her. but i am finding white heart rocks everywhere. i am afraid she will leave me, but i am thinking that all is ok, and when she said she just needs time away from everything, it does not mean she is leaving me.

  41. I too see hearts everywhere, from puddles to bruises, freckles to Lollipop stains. A couple of years ago I told my friend about this and later she called me and said she found a pink heart on the tip of her nose (calamine lotion).
    I say spread the awareness and the love will follow….
    Go heart finders….Go!!!!

  42. same here, it has been for about 1.5 years now/ i started photographing them as proof to myself as they seem constant & for no apparant reason/ i'm not looking for them & they just present thrmselves in the most unusual places & times when i am just rushing around… i feel it may be a self-healing or nurturing voice sending me a reminder of love. i hope u are ok and also all the people on this page too… i believe seeing hearts must be etherial since now i see it happens to others in the same way- denise f

  43. Me too. I thought I was crazy. Water stains in the wall, vines, hearts hanging on my friends door when I went to Czech, hearts drawnon the sidewalk, etc. it started to happen so much I took pics of some of them. Wish we could all meet and share this special energy together we all seem to be experiencing. Maybe we can post pics of what we have seen somewhere. Imagine thousands of heart images appearing from all over the place. Thanks for making me feel not as crazy.

  44. Wow. Its so great to see so many people with the same experiences! When I first started paying attention to seeing heart shapes in the most random places, I felt like it was something trying to give me encouragement. Either to tell me that I am loved or to encourage me to continue trying to be a better person and be loving and kind to the people around me. I don't know for certain what exactly it is. Maybe its coincidence, possibly just our subconscious showing us something that we need to see. Maybe it's a devine message. I felt like it was a symbol from my loved ones who have passed on…it just felt like something they would do. However you choose to look at it. I think it's a very special and positive thing. I believe that we are all energy and our intentions shape the world and each other in greater ways than we can understand at this time. Hearts are a very strong and positive symbol all over the world. We are blessed to be able to experience this. And we are blessed to know that we share this experience 🙂 Thank you fellow posters

  45. Just a little over a week ago I was sitting on the couch eating my dinner and I didn't have a good grip on my plate and half of it flipped over in my lap…I had ketchup on my plate and I felt something hit my hand and when I looked down at it there was a perfect heart shape in ketchup…I did not have ketchup anywhere else on me…not even one drop. I could not believe what just had happen…I think I stared at it for 20 minutes before I took a picture of it. I do believe it is a divine message…not sure exactly what they are trying to tell me but I believe it is a good message with out a doubt. Did have a bruise come up on my hip a few months ago too that was a heart shape. Have been a bad relationship for many years and feel all alone…trying to make my way out…it was a very touching experience…they are watching over us and sending us love.

  46. I have been seeing a lot of heart shapes on ppl's clothes just started a few months back …Well,I thought it signifies love relationship as I had two person loving me at the same time..and once I left them, the frequency of the hearts I saw died down a little, but it could also be a soothing message from past loved ones as I had suffered a great loss and was heartbroken few years back…other than heart shapes, I also saw other symbols especially on ppl's shirts at great frequency…. at first it was a lot of Superman t-shirts, then I saw a lot of hearts t-shirts and there were cute sights of children wearing shirts with big big heart picture on the shirt! Lovely shirts and I smile everytime I see them! Nowadays I see a lot of owls pictures and on ppl's shirts and shoes and paintings and cakes too! The frequency of seeing these cause me an urge to google it and find out what's the possible meaning of these. Probably it's law of attraction that reflects our subconscious mind and wants or purpose in life..

  47. Maybe it mean it wasn't ment for u and him maybe it mean ur going to be with someone who would always love and care for u for ur inter life

  48. yes, I've started seeing them too in really odd things. I thought it was really weird too. I first saw one when I took up some carpet from my old bathroom. the carpet had been there for years. I was going to paint the floorboards. all the floorboards were bare except for one beautifully lopsided heart shape in white paint. I painted the whole of the floorboards except for the little heart I found. and after that I started to see them all in strange places, exactly as you have all described! yes, I've taken a picture of it, and when I can I take pictures of the others. but it's not always possible. I'd LOVE to know what it all means! at least we now know that we're mad and we are NOT alone anymore.

  49. Hi, I have been seeing hearts everywhere for a few years now – especially on ground in form of stones, or on trees, in the sky, on poles – everything 🙂 – now i am beginning to see a pattern, and its like its speeding up, more often many times pr day. I started seeing 11.11 & number patterns back in ´07/08- and now i totally communicate with the realms through numbers, is there anyone here with same experience? Could the heart shapes be another form of communication? Bright shine & infinite love to all

  50. Me too! XD Even in gross things I still see hearts … Just like my underwear stained with blood while I'm on my period. Weird and funny. It makes me feel like I'm an alien. Loooool xD

  51. I started seeing hearts after my mother passed away 4 years ago. I have seen water drops, rocks, I dropped a bracelet abd it formed into a heart. I assumed mom was leaving hearts for me. It's good to know there are other heart finders.

  52. I love your blog…I've been seeing hearts for years now and I knew I wasn't the only one that believes they're “love notes from God”, just a simple reminder that HE loves us and is always with us ❤ when I'm feeling down I'l find one, happy boom out of nowhere, anxious one appears in the most random place. No matter the emotion, situation, location they're everywhere and so is HE. I'm so glad I found your blog and I can share the Joy I feel when I receive my daily LOVE note 🙂

  53. I saw a heart shaped drop of water after my Mom died. Unfortunately I have not seen any other hearts but I have received several other signs.

  54. Wow!!! I googled this because it has been happening to me for over a year now. I didn't expect to see so many entries. I have a heart condition so at first it scared me. But then I realized this might be a sign from my grand mother who I loved very much. Maybe a sign from God also. It wasn't until I went to a cardiologist that I started to see that maybe someone was telling me to have my heart checked. After reading these posts I feel more that it is a positive thing! love to all!

  55. To write a good story you need heart. Lots of it. And balls. Did you ever see the San Francisco Hearts Project? Artists created huge life size hearts around the city and it was stunning.

  56. I never saw that – or the Bay Bridge. I’m a late bloomer; I miss everything! Heart, yes. I want to get a story into Modern Love in the NYT. Just set that goal and reading about getting in…600 entries and they select 4. They’re looking for heart. I’m learning.

  57. I I have been seeing hearts for the last six years it started at the beach I was at a low point and I looked down and the whole beach was shining with hearts . All the rocks looked like hearts. Since then I see hearts in food flowers on pavement lotions incoamof a draft beer glowing on a bottle of wine from a glowing candle A large string heart on the stairs. My married Name is Hart . I believe it is love sent to me from God I always feel loved when I see them. blessings and hearts to you all

  58. I also see heart EVERYWHERE! My friends and family find it creepy because it happens ALL THE TIME. They seem to just jump out at me as if they were glow like at neon light. It started out with just rocks about 6 yrs ago. I was find up to 10 rock a day. This freaked me out at first. Now i embrace i. Not to mention i live freaking my husband and sister out. And now its even more intense. I can no longer say i find the hearts but they find me. In cracks in the pavement to my view point between 2 objects. Ive just started taking photos and started an artistic project coming soon. It will blow you away where i see these hearts. Like now in the ice cream splatter on the kitchen table. Wow❤💙💚💛

  59. I think that seeing Hearts frequently everywhere is a sign that one is about to wake to LOVE and ones soulmate or twin soul, the one made for us. It is an indication, a track and a pointer that the time is ripe to meet our soulmate and to work on ourselves to make that happen, as we may have issues that hold us back to who we truly are. A time of awakening and enlightenment that will work for us in time if we make the right decisions, if not it will hold us back from our destiny of uniting with our soulmate. A time that one is ready to meet or a sign to work on ourselves to come to TRUE LOVE and happiness. It also can be a sign of a loved family member or friend that passed away. Anyway, those are signs that we should heed to and not ignore. Bright Blessings

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