Robot Birthdays + Toys R Us + Times Square

Birthday party season is upon us here at New York City private schools. Birthday parties in this circuit take on a special flavor. Where the rest of middle class America is feeling the economy and throwing more modest parties, the private school scene still plans some elaborate bashes for the tykes.

Today my son went to a Robot Galaxy birthday party for a 7-year old at Toys R Us in Times Square. Each boy got to create a custom robot that has voice controls and is web-enabled so they can go online and play with their robots in virtual space. From the seventh ring of Saturn to cyberspace via Toys R Us. Their goody bags came with their custom robot ($40+), a Robot comic book ($4), a sticker sheet ($1.50), a keychain ($5), and a USB cable. The mom threw in personalized m & m’s for good measure.

The 20-kids and parents partied with bottled water, gourmet pizza and fancy wraps in a glass-enclosed space above one of the world’s most famous toy destinations. Complete with a ferris wheel, a 2-story Barbie dollhouse, and a 20-foot-high, 34-foot-long Jurassic Park Dinosaur.

Next up on the birthday party Express is Dave and Buster’s and Bowlmor, trendy bowling alley.

The walkway from the Sky box

The wheel

Obi-Won and Annakin Statuesque with their lightsabers

Lego King Kong climbs the Empire State Building

Lego Liberty

The dino

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